How To Clear a Blocked Toilet


Inconvenient to say the least, you have probably come across or had to deal with the issue of a blocked toilet drain. Toilets are connected to the sewer system of your property and if problems are not fixed quickly, it can become a pretty major issue. Leaving a blocked toilet […]

Pool Landscaping: Enhancing Your Backyard Oasis


Pool landscaping is the process of designing and constructing a functional and visually acceptable outdoor living space around a pool. By using various elements, including plants, hardscaping, lighting, seating, shading, and safety features, pool landscaping increases the pool area’s all-around beauty. The result is a beautiful backyard getaway that can […]

Methods of Creating Fireproof Wooden Decks

Kim J. Clark

The construction of wooden decks can be made to be fire-resistant with a few strategies. One way of making them safer is by ensuring that the lumber used is treated with fire retardants. In addition to that, a fire-resistant barrier should be installed between the deck and the home. This […]