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Today, while buying an apartment, people look for something that is beyond nice floor plannings, aesthetically designed interiors and vibrant colour schemes. They prefer an ideal abode that represents their lifestyles rather than being just a four-walled structure. 

Giving shape to people’s perception of a perfect home, builders are focusing on creating residential communities. The establishments encompass all the aspects that let house owners live an active, high-end life with community bonhomie as a cherry on top. Living has become a fulfilling experience for people which is leading to the steady popularity of gated community apartments. 

In this blog, we will discuss five factors that make living in luxury gated communities an attractive proposition.


The days of worrying sick for the safety of your children and the elders in the family are over. Gated community plots like Brigade Oasis give you a heightened sense of secure living. 

The entire area is equipped with controlled access points, often manned by security personnel or monitored through electronic systems. It restricts non-residents’ entry, minimising unforeseen security incidents. 

Security management apps have now become an integral part of every residential enclave. The apps serve as eyes and ears for homeowners while they are away from their houses. The tool issues alerts to owners as visitors make a request to access their apartments at the security checkpoint.


Strict safety measures facilitate the privacy of residents in gated community plots. The controlled access to the neighbourhood limits traffic, ensuring that only residents, visitors and service providers enter. 

The exclusivity manifests into a serene surrounding with reduced noise levels and pollution. 

Additionally, the physical barriers, such as walls or fences around the community, contribute to a sense of seclusion, detaching away from the intrusion of unwanted solicitors or unnecessary distractions.

Traffic-Free Neighbourhoods

The constant gridlock, long commutes and the stress associated with traffic have led many individuals to seek refuge in gated communities. The movement of vehicles is heavily regulated within the campus, which makes the area safe even when an unattended toddler scurries away on the path. 

Typically, the real estate enclaves employ access control systems, such as gated entrances with guards or electronic key cards, to regulate and monitor the flow of vehicles entering and exiting the premises. 


The thought of offloading the massive responsibility of property upkeep is one of the significant benefits of living in a gated community, and most city dwellers agree with it. 

All the real estate flat series usually have homeowner associations (HOAs) entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the maintenance of common areas, landscaping and community facilities. 

The strict supervision ensures that the apartment enclave’s appearance remains pristine and property values are well-preserved. Properly manicured lawns, landscaped gardens and clean streets contribute to a pleasing environment, creating a great ambience for residents and visitors alike.

Luxury Amenities

Living in a gated community grants residents access to various top-notch amenities. These can include recreational facilities like swimming pools, fitness centres, tennis courts, playgrounds and walking trails.

Prominent gated communities like Brigade Valencia even feature a co-working space, clubhouse, an outdoor cafe and many more. The amenities are well-maintained and can be safely used by people to enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle without stepping out of their apartment enclave. 

The amenities often foster a sense of community spirit and provide opportunities for socialising and building connections with neighbours.


As a resident of gated community plots, you can enjoy the benefits of both worlds — your privacy and personal space and a neighbourhood with like-minded people.

The heightened safety measures, peaceful ambience, access to excellent amenities and professional property management — all work together to make a gated apartment community an ideal space for your dream home.

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