7 of the Best Flowers to Plant in your Swedish Garden

Kim J. Clark
7 Flowers You Should Know to Believe that Swedish Spring isn't just a Myth  – Hayu Hamemayu

Apart from the beautiful landscape, one thing that many people love about Sweden is the variety of flowers it has to offer.

  1. Twin Flower, Linnaea Borealis

First on the list is the Swedish national flower, the twinflower. This flower is pink-white and is very common in the Northern hemisphere. 

It can wildly grow or be planted in a garden. They make the perfect garden flowers for reason that they can be planted at any time of the year.

They are also quite easy to grow. You can sprinkle the seeds over the area you want them to grow, or place them in a seedbed and transplant them once they begin to emerge. 

For better plant care, have them in a seedbed then transplant them after they begin to emerge. It increases its chances of survival.

The only downside of the flower is they take a longer time to germinate and if that is not an option for you, then you may consider buying ready-to-transplant twinflowers from garden shops.

To find reliable garden stores in Sweden you can read some reviews from independent review sites like OmdömesStälle to narrow down your options. 

One such company is Interflora selling flowers and other garden equipment. Read their reviews and see whether they are worth your money. 

  1. Daisy 

Let’s all agree on one thing no Scandinavian garden is complete without a bunch of Daisy flowers

The best part about having daisies in your garden is that you have a lot of options to choose from. Daisies come in over 60000 varieties worldwide. The color options include white, yellow, red, and pink. 

Daisies are quite easy to grow and require little attention. They can grow from anywhere between 12 inches to 30 inches in a span of 5 years for full maturity. 

  1. Magnolia 

Magnolia happens to be one of the most fantastic flower varieties in Sweden. It is like the Japanese Cherry Blossom of Sweden. 

The magnificent pink and white flowers grace the streets of Sweden during spring. They give off beautiful scenery perfect for pictures. 

The light lemon scent is fresh and will leave you wanting a Magnolia plant in your backyard. If you doubt me, ask the butterflies. 

Magnolias can grow in different forms, from small shrubs to large trees. You can therefore grow them in a pot or directly on the ground. 

  1.  Sand Pink, Dianthus arenarius

Sand pink is yet another beautiful species of garden flower worth a space in your garden. 

They are very common in Europe and grow in sandy soils. 

It has many different kinds. The flower color is pink or white, during the summer when they blossom. Sand pink persists through the winter taking red to purple highlights.

When the sun rises or sets, the flower has a powerful spicy-sweet scent and its growth presentation in a grassy airy scene makes a garden look attractive.  

The sand pink naturally grows along the sandy beaches, however, you can still plant them on a flower bed or in a flowerpot.

  1. Tulips 

Tulips in Sweden are one of the most popular flower options in the country. Growing tulips is not just a garden thing, but a largescale business in the country. 

Tulips are beautiful and they make a perfect gift accompaniment set. They add color to the garden. 

The best time to plant tulips is during autumn. To enjoy the true beauty of tulips, consider planting different varieties with different blossoming times.

  1. Easter Lilies, Daffodils 

The perfect spring flower in Sweden is the Easter Lilies. They are bright yellow and may not have the best scent but their beauty takes the cake. 

They are very common and native to Northern Sweden. They wildly grow in some areas but they have to be planted in a garden setting. 

They do not propagate and therefore there is little to no maintenance is needed. 

  1. Muscari 

The blue grape hyacinth flower is an alternate name for the Muscari. 

Beautiful purple flowers are easy to grow at home and even for city apartments with little or no outdoor space. Muscari is easily transplanted in a flower pot and from there regular watering will prevent the flower from withering.

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