Automation of total home security system is the latest in luxury!

Kim J. Clark
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Security is the thing that we spend our lifetime craving and seeking. We reach the bed’s corner in childhood when threatened; we reach an unknown city when feeling threatened in adulthood; then we reach a calm place to feel the peace and security at old age. We insure our lives too. Such is how much we love security. This is the reason that security companies create quality products to make people feel safe at home. A quality Architect Builder designs a home with safety as a concern in mind. And then we have home automation that has taken home security to another level.  So, what is this home security automation system?

Home Security Automation System is considered to be a luxury in the modern world design and architecture.

A brief about Home Security Automation System!

When we talk of security, we do not just talk of gates and locks. Security is a philosophical concept. It speaks of security as the craving to save whatever we love in this life. We want to feel safe and at comfort. We want our lives to be safe, lives of those we love, a library that is dear to us, our jobs, the fortune we create and heap up, etc.

When we talk of home security, the fundamentals remain the same, although a few things change. Home security works on keeping all the possible threats that could be away at the bay. So, what are some examples of threats at home?

  • Theft and burglary
  • Threat of life due to
    • bad home structure
    • fire
    • sinking of children in the pool
    • house is not earthquake safe
    • leakage in the house
    • Sparks
    • Sharp objects that are threat to life
  • Threat of financial loss
  • And the threat of loss of commodities.

These are some general examples of threats that we humans want to be safe from. And this is why there are systems that help keep these threats away. For example, using good wire keeps the risk of sparks at low; using better quality furniture saves one from injuries; using cameras help one identify the theft. But now, when we talk of automation, we talk of effectiveness and efficiency – . These home security automation systems allow one to keep things far more safe. It is not a cost but a saving and an expert architect builder always suggests it. Here are a few examples of home security automation systems in the market right now.

Automation in Fire Security System.

The technology of 2 decades back is not the same as the technology of now. Things get improved and show efficiency. When it comes to the fire security system, things have improved. Automation now helps the fire security system to pinpoint the location of smoke and fire. It also sets off an alarm in the home and at the owner’s phone using the wireless technology. This phone alarm helps when the person is away from the home for some work or vacation.

Furthermore, there are improved fire, smoke, and gas detection systems in the market. Now, if there is some deadly gas in the room that can catch fire, the detection system will detect it and notify the person about it. This all helps in averting the tragedy.

Automation in the locking system!

It sure happens to everybody once in their life that they go out but forget to lock the door. It not only puts the home at risk but keeps us mentally sick all the time till we get back and close it. What good is technology if it cannot even help us with it? The fact is that it does. A good architect builder always puts the home lock automation system at place. This system helps in the following ways:

  • It allows a person to control the locking from a place far away using wireless technology.
  • it locks the doors in the situation of theft. This works like a good trap for the thief.

Suppose you are not around in the house but your sister has now visited your home. Would you like to keep her out? No. The solution is to pick up the mobile, open the locking app, and unlock the home from a distance. How good can a luxury be?

Smart CCTV monitoring!

This connects all the CCTV cameras over the wireless connection and allows one to monitor them from any place. This automation also allows one to move the camera and look at a different position. It also allows one to upload the footage on the cloud storage without worrying about thieves destroying it.

One thing you must take care of is the quality of these cameras. Because thieves generally try targeting the camera, make sure they are placed right and are made of thought quality material. Furthermore, there are motion-sensing cameras too that detect any suspicious motion in the nighttime.

Leaking Detection System!

We all hate that day when we find that the furniture has been ruined by the moisture due to some water leakage. Every year people face losses of millions and billions due to water leak problems. Not only this, it leads to water wastage, which is a big issue of the modern world. The most brutal situation happens when water keeps on leaking inconspicuously and reaches the foundation. This leads to rusting of iron and its weakening. The result? A total structural collapse at last. It has happened before and it can happen again.

Water leakage system detection works on reading the signs of moisture and thus pinpointing any leak at last. This then shuts off the water flow and informs the owner about it. The first piece of advice is always to keep plumbing good and of quality. For this, you would want to hire only an expert architect builder. Then, you must get a good water leak detection system installed.

Smart Doorbells!

These days the doorbell comes with a camera that starts recording the picture of the person who rings it. It helps in knowing who is at the door from far. Some cameras even allow you to speak to them through a microphone. This camera gets attached to the wireless technology and allows you to interact with it from miles and miles away.

How to get home automation done for your home?

Now, it comes down to how you can automate your home security and other things. The way is to come in contact with an architect builder and get your home automation done. There are great companies around that hold expertise in home automation – – you’d want to contact them in case of need. If you are looking for automation in just one area, you can look for automation software and products online. Some are easy to assemble and handle. The thing is that home automation is going to be the face of the future. It not only will ease you off from worry but also save you from the loss.

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