Cutting Edge Media – Home Business Connections Magazine – Advertising and Marketing Platform Review

Kim J. Clark

Cutting Edge Media Publications is an online and offline pioneer in the home based business advertising and marketing industry. The company’s main focus is on their online and offline publications of Home Business Connections Magazine. Could this direct magazine mailing service be the right advertising online or offline for you? Here is a simple review.

Cutting Edge Media Publications is in the magazine business, particularly in the direct mailing of their publication to would-be home based business owners looking for a solid home business. For those already part of the home based business industry could this be a good way to market your opportunity, products or services?

While most advertising and marketing through printed publications is on the decline, it is a fact that most niche directed printed materials are still in high demand. With a reach of over 300,000 subscribers and new subscribers being added to each month, using such publications as Home Business Connections could be a great way to brand you. Not only is this particular publication delivered to hundreds of thousands of mailboxes each month, but the same magazine can be found easily online…as well as you.

There is a cost however to this which can range from a full blown full page on the front or back for 5K, or you can simply take your best shot with a simple classified for under $300. While this type of advertising and marketing does cost, the fact remains that it is targeted to the group any home based business owner would want to target.

There is a lot to be said about learning to market effectively online through FREE methods, but if you find your business at home growing and have a few pennies to spend, having some banner advertising through such mediums as Cutting Edge Media Publications could be a solid bet. Look to co-op advertising with other individuals inside your own business, this could help to not only cut the price down for this type of marketing and advertising, but help you carry it out longer than on your own.

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