Design Small Kitchens With Kitchen Organizers For Your Cabinets

Kim J. Clark

Best things can come in small packages – and that is true even in your kitchen. But a lot of people think that decorating a small kitchen is tough and even impossible mainly because of the small space that most modern homes have. NKBA or National Kitchen and Bath Association defines a small kitchen as one that is measured to be 150 square feet or even less. And they are the ones to say that it is not tough to design a small kitchen. If you think it is impossible to bring the best out of your cooking area with such limited space, then you are dead wrong and here is why. All you need are the right appliances, some nice lighting, efficient cabinet organizers, and a good imagination for you to bring the best out of the heart of your home.

First, it helps to know what style you would like your cooking space to have. For example it can be traditional, contemporary, rustic, antique or transitional which is a mix of the first two styles. Being specific about which of these various styles you’d like to use will give your redecorating or renovating more focus and direction. And because you have a small space, using kitchen organizers with open shelves or glass doors, light colors, pull out shelves or tilt out bins can help you effectively maximize your cooking space. Add more open display shelves or cabinets to give your place an expanded look that doesn’t show so crummy and small. Sadly having too many small shelves or cabinets will make your room look smaller and cluttered.

As for the appliances, small but sleek appliances are available nowadays pretty much anywhere you look. Keep your cook top and oven top in the same place simply because this can save you a lot of space. Consider buying multi-functional appliances so they won’t clutter your cooking area and limit your working space. Also you can install deep counters that enable you to store more appliances and utensils and pretty much increase your work space. Keep small appliances inside your kitchen organizers. As a last point, choose appliances wisely.

These are just some of the few things to keep in mind when designing your cooking area when you have a small home that is so popular nowadays, yet usually so impractical to decorate to your heart’s content. However as we have just seen, with a bit of imagination and a few space saving tools you can get your small place a new facelift and also make it look much bigger than it really is.

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