Enjoy the Beach with Just Your Home’s Swimming Pool

Kim J. Clark
5 Swimming Pools to enjoy your Summer

One day, you find yourself on a beach – sand on your toes, sipping on a margarita, sun grazing your skin. You looked around and saw your house cat, the window of your bedroom, and the garden that you have been working on last week. You realized that you are in your house but why does the pool taste salty as if you are on the beach. Yup, that is a thing now! A swimming pool can turn into your dream paradise. What’s even better? You do not have to pay for pricey but mediocre hotels. You are at home!

Pool Salt Water System

You can now enjoy the beach (or at least how it feels to be on the beach) with your own swimming pool. Conversion to salt water pool is now a service offered when you wanted poor remodeling and pool renovationAnd please do not just throw kilos of salt into your pool. It does not work that way! Have your pool professionals do the job for you.

Pool salt water system relies on salt water in maintaining safe pool water. However, technically speaking, it is not chlorine-free. A small amount of chlorine is still needed to keep out bacteria from thriving and growing. It requires a special filtering system that is generating salt-chlorine for self-cleaning and maintenance.

Advantages of Salt Water Swimming Pool 

1. You can open your eyes underneath – A salt water pool does not punish your eyes compared to a regular swimming pool with higher levels of chlorine that feels stingy on your eyes and your skin.

2. Requires minimal maintenance – Salt water pools are known to be self-regulating swimming pools. This means that the amount of salt released by the electrolytic chlorine generator increases its effectiveness in killing bacteria making it less labor demanding. More so, salt water is a natural repellent for insects and bugs.

3. You can skip storing chlorine at home – a high amount of chlorine at home is risky especially when you have children and pets. Inhaling this chemical can cause respiratory damage and can make you feel sick in no time. If you have a salt water swimming pool, installing an electrolytic chlorine generator will allow you to skip buying chlorine for your pool.

4. Safer for your skin – Saltwater is safe and milder for your skin. If you plan of having routine laps early in the morning and you will be exposed to pool water for hours, a salt water pool can do you less harm. It is softer on your skin and you can easily rinse it off with a good bath.

Why you should remodel now?

There is no right time for pool remodeling Orlando. It is just now or never. If you think that you need a better swimming pool and getting a saltwater pool system, then you are thinking of the next best thing for you and your family. Most homeowners who have five to ten years old pools consider swimming pool remodeling. Give yourself a treat and reignite that excitement in your pool.

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