Feeling *Meh* About Work? These 6 Home Office Design Hacks Might Help

Kim J. Clark

Ask yourself: Have you lost track of which day of the week it is? Wasn’t it just Tuesday…and now it’s Tuesday again? Why does 10 a.m. feel like 5 p.m.? Did you skip lunch — or wait, did you have two lunches today? Have you spoken out loud this week? Or stepped outside? Or peed? Have you found yourself attempting to click out of IRL conversations like Zoom windows?

Well, you might just be suffering from WFH fatigue. And as a result, it’s only natural that you’re facing a serious lack of professional motivation. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my job…but I think we can all get a little WFH fatigue sometimes,” says interior designer Jasmine Roth. “That’s why setting up your space to work for you is so important. I’m not a psychologist, but I know your space definitely affects how you feel – in terms of your motivation, your productivity, and your mood.” So, barring a) quitting your job or b) becoming a digital nomad, it would seem that there’s one obvious solution: It’s time to revitalize your WFH space.

Fortunately, as the former host of HGTV’s Hidden Potential, Roth in uniquely equipped to provide some sound advice, here — and better yet, she’s just launched an all new initiative with Staples: A WFH-Style Squad, made up of five different esteemed designers, all of whom are all fully committed to the project of breathing new life — and renewed productivity — into your home office (whether it’s an actual office — or, say, your coffee table). Ahead, find all her best decor-based tips for bringing in a new era of WFH enthusiasm. Then, once you’ve begun reimagining your space, take some time to enter Staples’ Find Your WFH Style Sweepstakes by June 7 for the chance to win product from one of three looks curated by the WFH Style Squad.

Start with sorting

We know you’re not exactly looking to add more organizational tasks to your to-do list — but think of it like productive procrastination. We promise, a bit of *cleansing* will serve you well. “Go through your current office set-up and decide what you need and what you don’t,” says Roth. “That charger for a phone you haven’t used in five years? Probably time for that to go. It sounds like a chore, but it can help you declutter and figure out what you need.”

Play around with positioning

Sure, there are some space-saving conventions we’ve all gotten used to: tuck your desk in a corner, hang a mirror to reflect light, position your bed by the window. But what if you ignored those conventions in order to enliven your work space? “Ever try moving your desk away from a wall?” says Roth. “It can make all the difference: I find looking at an open room always makes me much happier than looking at a wall!” Take a look at how you can move furniture around to make sitting at your desk a more inviting proposition — even if it’s not the most design-forward choice in the room. It might surprise you just how much it can impact your productivity.

Prioritize storage

Storage might not be the sexiest word we could throw at you — but when setting up your office, embedding some storage solutions from the get-go can help you keep your things (and your brain) tidy. “After a while, papers and folders and trinkets are going to stack up. You want to make sure your space can work in the long run. That’s why I like to make sure a storage system is in place, and Staples is my go-to for great space-efficient storage solutions,” says Roth.

Work smarter, not harder

“Technology can make life so much easier. So why complicate things?” advises Roth. “A tabletop lamp that can brighten your room, tell you the time, and charge all your tech? A keyboard with touch id? A wireless printer?? An ergonomic desk chair??? Sign me up. ”

Make! More! Space!

Not everyone has room for a big sprawling desk — even if that’s where you know you work best. So take some time to consider space-saving solutions that will make all the difference. Opt for floating shelves, small square computer desks, stools that tuck away easily, or wall sconces when floor lamps take up too much real estate. “Some rooms are tight, but you have to make room for a desk of some kind — that’s a must,” says Roth. “Staples has a ton of space-saving solutions to make that easier, like fold-down desks — which you can fold out of sight at the end of the work day.” And in the meanwhile, declutter the rest of the room to the best of your ability. You’ll be grateful for that added open space.

Don’t forget the small stuff

“Sometimes the little things make all the difference,” says Roch. Which means, pay attention to the minute tabletop details in your WFH space — from your pen cups to your loose papers to your stacks of used planners and legal pads. “Organize small accessories and office supplies in containers and try to group things in sets of three — perhaps a cup with pens and scissors, a dish for paperclips and a small plant to brighten and personalize your space,” says Roth. And if you’re looking for a little added zest, Roth advises incorporating accessories like a wall clock or blue light glasses, both for function and style.

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