Get Ready to Fight Fire: An Introduction Into the World of Fire Prevention Products

Four critical issues facing fire services today

In the world of safety, the question is often asked, “How can you best protect yourself from a dangerous or unsafe situation?” Unfortunately, when most people are asked that question, they think of solutions or ways to extract or remove themselves from that situation once they are already in it. This is the wrong answer. What is the right answer? Don’t let yourself get into that situation in the first place!

The same applies to fire safety. The best way to protect yourself from a dangerous fire situation is to avoid being in a dangerous fire situation. How is this possible? 

Fire Prevention Products!

While there are many products that can help put out a fire once it is started, ideally you would be far away when that part of the process begins. Fire prevention products give you ample warning and the protection you need to get away from a fire before it becomes a danger to your health. What are these fire prevention products?

Fire Doors

Maria from internal door company Doors Galore said “Fire doors are a critical part of any fire safety strategy. They are designed for the singular purpose of withstanding the heat of a fire, stopping the spread of smoke and fire to other parts of the building.” This allows time for people to escape and for the fire department to arrive and help put out the fire. Fire doors, when properly installed, can hold back a fire for 30 minutes or more and are a legal requirement in many buildings across the UK.

Fire Alarm Systems

According to the UK national statistics, in the year ending March of 2020, the FRS had attended over 500, 000 fire incidents! They also reported that smoke alarms, a key part of a fire alarm system, were not present in 24% of the dwelling fires and unfortunately were not present in 26% of the fatalities that occurred because of these fires. Smoke alarms are an easy and simple system that can and will save your life if properly used.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it is an odourless, tasteless, and colourless gas that is poisonous to humans. Thousands of people die every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning and carbon monoxide detectors add another critical layer of protection to those homes that use these devices.

Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are also helpful in fire safety because, as opposed to being triggered by smoke, they are triggered when a temperature-sensitive material is melted or compromised from changes in heat in the room where they are located.

Fire Call Points

Fire call points are more commonly known as the “fire pull” or “fire alarm”. It is the iconic and visible red button or handle that is pulled when there is a fire emergency in a building. This notifies everyone in the building about a fire, contacts the relevant authorities and initiates any fire protocols that are in place.

Hearing Impaired Fire Alarms

For the hearing impaired, regular fire alarms are not sufficient. Hearing-impaired fire alarms include bright strobing lights and in homes, vibrating pads which can be placed under pillows. These are effective measures to make sure that everyone can be warned of the imminent danger of a fire.

Fire Alarm Sounders & Beacon

Sounders and beacons are used to make everyone aware of a fire. Traditionally bright in colour, these sounders are extremely loud and the beacons are extremely bright, ensuring that everyone in the vicinity knows of the potential danger.

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