Home improvement guide: Ask an organization expert in The Woodlands

Kim J. Clark
Classy Closets has locations in 11 states and has been organizing closets and other home spaces for customers for over 35 years. Steve Reed is the general manager of The Woodlands location opening this year.

How can someone get started organizing their home?

We have some phenomenal designers. … They’re very skilled at looking at a space and creating an organized space, whether it’s a closet or pantry, home office or entertainment center. So my biggest piece of advice would be to hire or consult with a professional. And we do offer … free in-home design consultations. … Our designers are not high-pressure salespeople. They will actually come into your home and look at your space, and they can come up with a beautiful plan that works for you. It’s functional and all that.

Are there any organization trends that you’ve been seeing in the last year or so?

There is a housing shortage right now, so people have been really looking at their interior space in their homes and trying to reimagine it and … make the best of what they have. What I’m seeing … with closets is that people are going with built-in cabinets and doing things like running shelves all the way up to the ceiling. That’s a big thing to give them extra space. … The items that they use the least they’ll put on the top shelves, and then the items that they use on a daily basis they’ll keep on the lower shelves obviously. I’m also seeing people using baskets in their closets more as a trend for items like scarves and loose items that don’t hang or fold somewhere naturally.

Do you have any recommendations for consistently keeping your space organized?

One thing is, in the areas that are most accessible in your closet, that’s where I would suggest, you know, obviously putting your most commonly used items. And then another thing for a closet if you like it to be aesthetically pleasing is to color coordinate your clothes. It does look nice to the eye; it makes it feel more organized. Donate unused winter items to Goodwill or another charity. Store away unused winter items on the top shelves of the closet or in another room. When looking to downsize or clean up, there are several tips homeowners can follow. Use a fabric softener to wipe down shelves, getting rid of the dust and leaving the closet smelling fresh.

Steve Reed

General manager, Classy Closets

2002 Timberloch Place, Ste. 200, The Woodlands




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