Homemade Organic Pesticides – Pest Control Made Easy and Safe

Kim J. Clark

So, you want to protect your organic garden and would want to have a successful organic pest control plan. But the problem is you do not trust those synthetic, seemingly capital-centered commercial brands enough to use them on your precious little organic garden. What are you going to do now? Well, the answer is simple: make your own homemade organic pesticide!

There are a number of organic homemade pesticides which can effectively clear-out all those little, unwanted settlers on your home garden and the best part is, almost all of the ingredients can be found inside your home! The article will discuss two of these methods and you can be assured that after you read this, you will be ready to get rid of those pests with your handy homemade pesticides.

One kind of homemade organic insecticide is the garlic pesticide spray. This is how you do it. First of all you have to chop 3 to 4 ounces of garlic bulbs. Then put these chopped garlic buds in a container and soak them up in two (2) tablespoons of mineral oil for one (1) day. After doing so, dissolve one (1) teaspoon of fish emulsion in a pint of water and add it into your garlic bud-mineral oil solution. After this, you have to stir the concoction, making sure that the ingredients are well mixed. Strain the mixture after stirring and store it in a glass container; you are strongly advised not to store them in metal containers. /the next step would be to dilute one part of the mixture to every 20 parts of water (1:20). This organic insect killer is very deadly against those pesky aphids, mosquitoes and onion flies.

Another kind of homemade organic insect control spray is insecticidal soap. Insecticidal soaps are extremely easy to make and are the most common organic pesticides for the home garden farmer. Another perk of this kind of pesticide is its durability against time. Insecticidal soaps can be stored in a container for the duration of the gardening season. Are you interested? Well, it is not difficult to make and the ingredients are also very common and very accessible. All you need is a gallon of room temperature water, 2 table spoons of dish detergent (it is very important for you to use dish detergent only and not dishwater detergent!) and 1 to 2 drops of olive oil (this provides the stickiness of the mixture). All you have to do with these three ingredients is stir them into one thoroughly blended recipe and store it in a spray bottle for future use; it is that simple! This kind of organic insecticide is very effective against persistent pests such as aphids, caterpillars, chinch bugs, earwigs, grubs, fleas, sowbugs, mites, leafhoppers and a number of other different pests which endanger your garden.

You are now very well equipped to go up against your relentless rivals in the garden. With these, homemade organic pest control tips, you can now go out there and show them that they should not mess with your garden!

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