How Can Planters Help You Add A Personal Style To Your Pool 

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People who own fibreglass pools in their homes often wonder what they can do to personalise their yards more. Your landscape design will play an important role in helping you to make your backyard something that showcases your style. Much like your home, you probably want your pool area to bear your personal style as well.

Other than adding pool furniture of your choice to your yard, is there anything else that you can do to personalise your yard? The answer is yes. Planters these days are available in a broad range of colours as well as styles. You can get planters for large plants, or smaller planters that you can place anywhere. When you make good use of planters, you can transform how your yard looks without spending a lot of money.

With the help of plants and your planters, you’ll really be able to add a personal touch to your backyard.

Useful Tips On Personalising Your Yard With Planters 

If you want to make your pool area look more lush, vibrant and unique – then adding interesting planters is the way to go. Here are six tips on adding planters to your backyard.

1. Choose A Theme 

Planters can make a huge difference when it comes to the aesthetic of your yard. With the help of the right planters, you’ll be able to create a theme for your outdoor space. Add planters to your backyard, to your patio and even your pool deck, to add a touch of colour.

Think about how your backyard would look in the absence of all greenery. It would be empty, and there wouldn’t be much to look at. To increase your property value, you’ll need to maintain a property that is visually pleasing. Planters help you add elements of visual intrigue to your backyard. When people find themselves surrounded by plants and flowers, they tend to be happier. When you add planters to your yard, you add a touch of colour alongside your plants. Planters are available in a broad range of designs, as well as styles. You can place everything from large shrubs to small flowering plants in your planters.

When you add planters for your backyard, you’re able to add a sense of comfort to your yard as well. People will enjoy spending time among your pool plants, and the planter designs will make your yard look even more aesthetically pleasing.

2. Add A Touch Of Elegance 

Perhaps the style you want for your backyard is one that’s minimal and elegant. This kind of style is often seen in luxury hotels as well as resorts. Your kids might be more fond of a jungle-like feel in your yard. But if you want to make your yard look the same as the poolsides in resorts, then planters are key.

Get a rectangular or square-shaped planter. These tend to be the perfect shape for planters as growing plants in them is easier. Buy large planters, so you can add large plants to your yard. You can even add small trees to your yard, by placing them in planters. In contrast, get smaller planters with a touch of colour in them. Add flowering plants to these smaller planters to add a touch of elegance to your yard.

3. Planters Can Be Low Maintenance 

For the most part, the design elements you add around your fibreglass pool will tend to get dirty with time. You’ll need to clean everything from your pool chairs to other decor items you might have added to your backyard. Planters, on the other hand, don’t really need to be cleaned as often. They play home to luscious plants, that you can use to turn your backyard into a more visually intriguing space.

When you get planters for your backyard, you add a touch of homeliness to your yard. You can also use planters, together with pare plants, to create a kind of privacy screen around parts of your yard.

4. Opt For Planters That Look Unique 

There are planters available that are designed to look unique. These look great when placed by your fibreglass pool, and help you to add a personal touch to your yard. You can even add succulents, or even shrubs, to your unique-looking planters.

From unique colours to special designs, if you keep your eyes peeled, then there are great planters that you can pick up for your yard.

5. Get Fibreglass Planters 

Fibreglass planters can be custom designed to provide you with any style that you want. If you already have a fibreglass pool at home, then getting fibreglass planters as well can be a great idea. Your fibreglass plaster will be able to withstand the elements, you don’t have to worry about your planters looking more faded with time.

By adding planters to your yard, you add softness when it comes to the visual appearance of your yard. Fibreglass planters in particular are great for outdoor spaces since they can withstand a lot of extreme weather conditions. Whether the weather is cold or sunny, your fibreglass planters will keep your backyard looking spectacular.

6. Styling A Planter By Your Pool 

You can add planters next to your pool as well. A lot of resorts and hotels do this, to make their pool area look particularly stunning. Choose a planter that you think will go great on your pool deck. Opt for a colour that is similar to the colours by your pool, to maintain symmetry in design. Choose whether you want small or large planters by your pool.

Avoid adding plants that might cause leaves, twigs and other plant debris to fall into the water of your pool.



Adding planters to your fibreglass pool area can be a great way to add a personal touch to your pool landscape design. From terracotta planters to fibreglass planters, there are various options available to you when it comes to colour, design, style and more. Add your favourite plants to your poolside area, and place them in planters, which will add to the visual appeal of your yard.

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