How to Sell a House with a Bad Yard: Grab the Garden Gloves and Get to Work

Kim J. Clark
How to Sell a House with a Bad Yard: Get to Work with These 10 Lawn Tips

When you’re selling a home, every inch of it needs to look its best — from the inside, out. Since your front yard is the first part of your home that potential buyers will see, it’s a must to give this part of your home extra care, or what agents call curb appeal. But what do you do if your yard is in need of some serious TLC? Before you hire a crew to work on your yard, you can grab some gardening tools and see the transformation that can happen in even one weekend of work. 

Get out the power washer

If you want the outside of your home to look like new, it’s worth considering a day with a power washer. A power washer is not only useful for the outside of your home, it can also give your walkways, driveway, stone landscaping, and windows, a refresh. In one afternoon you can hit all of these areas depending on the size of your home. It is a good idea to do this kind of job as you are getting ready to show your home.

Fix bald spots on your lawn

If you have a lawn, keeping it maintained can be a challenge. Regular upkeep of mowing and watering is no easy task, and you may not want to go through the process of getting a lawn in shape. Rock gardens can be one solution by giving you a low-maintenance landscaping option. Depending on your climate, you can also consider mulch in places where your lawn is bare. Some yards could also do well with succulents, depending on your climate. Keep in mind that some buyers may be turned off from seeing a lawn that will require a lot of maintenance, so if yours is already bare, replacing it with a solution that requires less upkeep is worth considering.

Take care of the weeds

No one wants to see a yard filled with weeds, but you don’t need to just dig or use harsh chemicals to get rid of them. Other ways to get rid of weeds are by covering them with mulch, dousing them with boiling water, spraying them with vinegar; or a mixture of five tablespoons of alcohol and four cups of water. Once you haul away all of the weeds, you’ll have a clean slate to work with to add fresh greenery and plants to your yard. 

Add color with potted plants

If you want to refresh your yard with color, but don’t want to invest in adding raised beds or shrubs, a few potted plants can do the trick. Grouping potted plants by your front door or along walkways can give your yard landscaping without the commitment of having to tend to plants in the ground. Potted plants can also be moved to different areas of your yard for a new look.

Landscaping a neglected yard doesn’t have to be a headache. With some dedicated weekend hours, you can tackle weeds and give your yard a new look that buyers will love.

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