Is A Home Inspection Really Needed?

Kim J. Clark

So, you finally have a potential buyer for your home. You have made it through numerous open house weekends, have met dozens of people and have answered an abundance of questions about the workings of your home. However, un less you had a preemptive home inspection before placing your home on the market, then it is a safe bet that you do not know as much about your home as you might think you do!

Sure, you know how many bedrooms It has, when the flooring was last updated, if there have been any electrical or plumbing repairs and a host of other aspects, but if asked about the home’s foundation, the ventilation in the attic, how long the plumbing system has been in place or other questions, the only way to have a real answer is with a home inspection.

The inspection is one of the most important parts of the home buying or selling process. It is not a facet that should be overlooked or done for the lowest amount possible. Instead, the home inspection is an element that can benefit all those involved.

As the seller, an inspection can help you be aware of potential concerns that a buyer might request you take care of or perhaps ask that you lower the price so that they can take care of the issue. As a buyer, having a home inspection means that you can know exactly what type of problems you might be facing should you go through with the move. In either scenario, knowledge is power. You can choose to make improvements to benefit selling or walk away from a particular house – either way, knowing the information garnered through a home inspection means a better, more careful decision.

It is also of importance to remember that the home inspector is not on any one entity’s side. They don’t get to pick sides, or present facts skewed to one side or the other. Whether hired by the buyer or the seller, the job of the purpose of the home inspection is to ensure the parties involved are aware of any concerns with the house and property. What is done with the information is up to you!

If you are anticipating becoming a part of the real estate market as either a buyer or a seller, be sure to do your due diligence and contact a local home inspection company! The investment is worth the time and information gained – after all, nobody wants to be taken advantage of!

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