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Kim J. Clark

Dedicated to looking after the environment as best we can, sustainability really matters to us at SEH BAC. We know it matters to you too, which is why we offer some of the most sustainable, energy efficient home improvement products around, including composite cladding. So, if you’re wondering how sustainable modern composite cladding really is, this blog is for you!

Is composite cladding eco friendly?

Yes! Not only are all the materials used to make it 100% recyclable, but our composite cladding products also minimise carbon emissions escaping from the building. Made slightly thicker than PVC cladding, this innovative weatherproof ‘skin’ is ideal for protecting homes positioned on the South East coast against the harshest weather conditions.

Replacement window installation for large home

More sustainability features of our composite cladding products

  • Composite cladding requires less energy to produce

Utilising inorganic materials that are 100% recyclable eliminates the additional energy needed to cut, transport and rework traditional timber cladding products.

  • Composite cladding manufactured in the UK

Another notable feature of our sustainable composite cladding products includes UK manufacturing, as less travel reduces our carbon footprint.

  • Low maintenance composite cladding

Boasting an impressive lifespan of at least 35 years, durable composite cladding never requires painting or treating with preservatives; reducing the lasting effects harmful chemicals can have on the environment. Furthermore, maintenance and sustainability go hand in hand, with low maintenance features like these reducing the environmental impact further and eliminating waste.

What are the benefits of composite cladding?

Home with white cladding

  • Resistance to UV ageing
  • Resistance to saltwater corrosion and moisture-laden air
  • Reduces condensation and prevents damp
  • Won’t crack, warp or rot
  • Stringent quality tests and technical ratings carried out
  • Outstanding fade resistance
  • Increases kerb appeal
  • A range of contemporary colour options
  • Stops pest infestation
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Can add value.

Alternatively, if you’re restricted by budget, or require a different cladding style like Shiplap or Open V, don’t forget to weigh up the pros and cons of cost-effective uPVC cladding too.

Charismatic exterior composite cladding for houses in Essex & Suffolk

From modern grey composite cladding to sophisticated black composite cladding, if you’re looking for sustainable home improvements, it’s time to plan a visit to your nearest SEH BAC showroom. Or you can contact us online or give one of our friendly double glazing experts a call on 0800 666 444 to find out more.

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