Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment in 2023 with the latest changes


The number of people migrating to different countries from various countries has increased significantly in recent years. And Turkey is one of the most visited countries. This country has now accommodated many immigrants from far and near lands. One of the reasons for the increase of immigrants in this country is the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, which seems very tempting to many people. This country has provided very suitable facilities and conditions for the life and education of your children.

Turkish citizenship by investment

In order to receive Turkish citizenship by investment, several general conditions must be met:

• First, you must be of legal age (18 years). Otherwise, you have to apply through your guardian’s residence.

• The applicant for residence must behave in accordance with the citizenship law, show a sense of responsibility for social life, not do illegal work, be trusted by those around them, and not have any misbehavior or habits contrary to society’s values.

• In any country you are applying for residence, you should at least be able to speak that language to meet your basic needs; Turkey is not an exception to this rule.

• Be able to manage your finances (and your family’s) through sponsorship or employment.

• Do not have a case against the national security and public order of Turkey in your record.

• Do not suffer from infectious or incurable diseases.

• Applicants for citizenship in Turkey must have permanent residence in this country for 5 years. According to the law, each person is required to live in Turkey for 189 days of the year and provide official documents to prove it.

Methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment

Having discussed the different options for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, it is significant to clarify the difference between permanent residence and citizenship: a “foreigner” has the right to live legally and permanently in Turkey under the conditions of permanent residence.

In terms of citizenship: As a Turkish citizen, you can be in Turkey and use citizenship services. But what are the ways to obtain citizenship privileges in Turkey? In general, there are 5 ways to get Turkish citizenship and a passport:

• Employment: After receiving a work permit and 5 years of employment in Turkey and paying insurance premiums, you can get citizenship.

• Marriage with a Turkish citizen: After 3 years from the official registration of the marriage and proof that the marriage is genuine, your citizenship will be issued. If it is recognized as a fake marriage and to obtain citizenship, it is subject to criminal punishment and imprisonment for the parties. Another thing about this marriage is the lack of bad history on the other side of the marriage.

• In addition to the mentioned cases, investing, buying property in Turkey, and registering a company are also ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport, each of which will be explained below.

Buy property in Istanbul

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey

As mentioned, one of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment is to buy property in Istanbul . The new law of the Turkish Parliament was approved in April 2022 and became effective after being published in the official newspaper. According to this law, by purchasing a property in Turkey worth at least $400,000, any foreign citizen can obtain citizenship for themselves and their family in the fastest possible time (around 2-3 months). Under the conditions:

• The purchase should be made in cash.

• The purchased property does not have any previous debt.

• You can buy several properties with a total value of $400,000 and then apply for citizenship.

• If you want to buy several properties with a total value of $400,000, you should know that at least 3 of your properties must be bought from a Turkish person and not a foreigner.

• Before buying a property in Istanbul, make sure of its history, if your property was bought by another foreigner and obtained citizenship, it does not apply to you. Therefore, each property will have citizenship privileges for its owner only once.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment

The new law of Turkey regarding investing in a bank to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport is as follows:

• Open an account in a Turkish bank in foreign currency and lira. In less than a day, you can open a bank account with just your passport and tax code.

• If you invest $500,000 in Turkish banks every year for 3 consecutive years, you will get a Turkish passport.

• In this way, bank interest will be added to your account from bank investment.

Obtain Turkish citizenship through company registration

In addition to buying a property in Turkey, another low-cost way to obtain Turkish citizenship and  passport is to register a company in this country, the steps of which are as follows:

First, you register your company, then you receive a 5-year work permit, and during this period, you pay your insurance premium. You should also hire 5 Turkish citizens and insure them. At the end of 5 years, you can register your citizenship application.

The cost of registering a company with an Iranian passport is about $800 and the annual income tax is 15%. In addition, the salary of the tax accountant is also the responsibility of the company owner.

Turkish citizenship by investment fees

Each of the mentioned cases are about ways and costs to obtain Turkish citizenship and  passport.

Buying a property in Turkey: $400,000 to buy one or more properties from a Turkish citizen in cash. This property should not be sold for 3 years.

Company registration: something around $800 for an Iranian passport.

Investment: $500,000 for 3 consecutive years.

Benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment

Below are some examples of the benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship and  passport. This citizenship can be obtained by purchasing a property, registering a company, investing, etc.

Turkish citizenship by investment are issued in only 90 days of work and research.

• Entry visa to 77 countries

• Easy entry to 25 Schengen area countries

• Turkish passport is one of the top 30 passports in the world.

• As a citizen of Turkey, you will enjoy pension services.

• You will be included in free citizenship education programs.

• The right to vote as a regular citizen of Turkey.

• The right to hire and work in jobs that are prohibited for foreigners. Such as dentistry, sailor, lawyer, etc.

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment

Finally, for a general summary, the steps of each method of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment are given separately:

Buy property in Turkey

1) Buy property in Turkey or the desired properties from a Turkish citizen, so that its total value is $400,000.

2) Receive a tax number.

3) Opening a bank account in the name of the buyer.

4) Valuation of purchased property or properties by SPK expert.

5) Registering a property in the notary office.

6) Obtaining Turkish residence within 7 to 10 days. Obtaining Turkish citizenship within 1 to 3 months.

Company registration in Turkey

1) Company registration.

2) Obtaining a work permit for 5 years.

3) Payment of insurance premium for 5 years.

4) Finally, after 5 years, your right to citizenship will be issued.

Investment in Turkey

1) Opening a foreign currency and lira account in one of the Turkish banks by presenting a passport and tax code.

2) Investing $500,000 for three consecutive years in a Turkish bank account.

Property for sale Dubai

Property for sale in Dubai

Another country that has accommodated many immigrants these years is the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai. HausBiz provides you with special conditions for buy property in Dubai.
The conditions for buying property in Dubai are as follows.
If you want to settle and buy a property for sale in Dubai, you can apply for an Estate Investor residence visa. You must invest at least $550,000 in real estate in a designated and government-approved area. After buying a property, you can apply for a UAE residence visa. This visa can be extended for up to 10 years as long as you own the property and travel to the country at least once every 180 days. Absence for an extended period may result in visa cancellation. All government affairs must be done in the state where your UAE residence visa was issued. Note that this visa does not allow you to work. There is no permanent resident visa, which means you have to renew your visa every two years. This visa does not lead you to citizenship.

Last word

According to the above, if you intend to immigrate by acquiring Turkish citizenship by investment or buy property in Dubai, contact our expert and experienced advisors at HausBiz and experience the pleasure of safe, easy, and fast investing.

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