Optimizing Brokerage Operations with Michael Lewis Suite and Brokerkit

Kim J. Clark

The real estate industry has seen remarkable advancements in technology over the last decade. Specialized software solutions are enhancing various aspects of real estate, from client acquisition to agent retention. Among these, the Michael Lewis Suite and Brokerkit are setting new benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness in real estate brokerage operations.

Michael Lewis Suite: The Client-Centric Solution

The Michael Lewis Suite is not just another set of marketing tools; it’s a comprehensive platform designed to boost your brokerage’s performance in the market. From top-notch digital marketing campaigns to customizable print materials, this suite has something for every facet of your client-centric operations.

Brokerkit: Focusing on Agent Recruitment

Brokerkit aims to take the stress out of recruiting, onboarding, and retaining top-tier real estate agents. It offers features like data analytics, automated outreach, and CRM integrations that streamline the entire recruitment cycle.

The Synergy Between The Two

It’s rare to find tools that, while serving different purposes, can harmonize so well to create a seamless operational experience. Here are some ways these platforms complement each other:

  1. Client and Agent Focus: While Michael Lewis Suite concentrates on attracting and retaining clients, Brokerkit ensures you have the best agents to handle these clients proficiently.
  2. Performance Metrics: Both platforms come equipped with robust analytics. Michael Lewis Suite can track your marketing campaign’s ROI, while Brokerkit provides insights into the success rate of your recruitment drives.

Strategies for Integration

  1. Needs Assessment: Evaluate which areas in your brokerage are most in need of optimization. Whether it’s better client marketing or more effective recruitment, know where to direct your efforts.
  2. Coordinated Deployment: Utilize both platforms in a way that their features intersect at the points most crucial for your brokerage’s growth.
  3. Continuous Monitoring: Regularly review performance metrics from both platforms to recalibrate strategies as needed.


The integration of specialized tools like the Michael Lewis Suite and Brokerkit is an invaluable strategy for any forward-thinking real estate brokerage. These platforms not only enhance specific areas of operations but when used in conjunction, amplify overall performance and create a more efficient, effective business model.

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