Planning to Construct a College Dormitory? Here are some Aesthetic Design Tips that Gains Attention from Students

Kim J. Clark

There’s a lot of things to be considered when constructing a college dormitory. However, it’s more important to consider the foundation and design of the outside and inside of the dormitory. The design should be well planned, pleasing, and wonderful to the student’s eyes, especially in the rooms. College dormitory rooms are needed to be based on the preferences of the students because the designs of the room are essential to them. As it will significantly affect their mood when studying.  It is also essential to consider the homey vibe of a dorm because the students will easily prefer it at first glance.

To know more about how you could beautify a dormitory, keep reading this article. It will give you some tips on aesthetic designs that college students are primarily attracted to.

What is Aesthetics?

Aesthetics is the style of a particular person. Aesthetics show’s pleasing designs combinations of color, movement, pattern, balance, etc. that a person personally prefers for their things. Every day, we encounter aesthetics in our daily routine. When we choose our clothes, bags, shoes, room designs, furniture pieces, we apply our desired styles. Aesthetics may be somewhat complicated, especially in designing a room; however, with the right choice of color, pattern, and weight for every single item, the space will surely stand out.

Some Aesthetic Design Tips

Every school year, students go to their specific dorm and will stay there for the whole year. And staying in a dull cube room will not make every student’s school year comfortable and relax. The students will most likely try to innovate the space based on their preferences. Below are some tips on how to fully design your room.

  • Pick the right furniture

With the help of your roommate, the two of you will have the chance to pick the best furniture pieces. It’s important to remember that in choosing furniture, it needs to be based on your theme. Also, it is essential to consider the styles, patterns, and colors of pillows, sheets, and beds to complement the theme altogether. Moreover, having a partner will make the work easy and convenient. In just a day or two, the room will look splendid. 

  • Hang wallpaper, painting, or frames

Some walls of the dorm are very dull and just painted with white pigment. Considering some amenities will make it more beautiful. If the wall has some scratches and is unpainted, hanging some wallpaper would be a great choice. However, the wallpaper should complement the entire theme of the room for it to fit. Putting some paintings and frames will also elevate the look of a wall. The images and structures that you have can be arranged in different positions that you prefer. You can also add extra details around it; you need to ensure that they are not over-decorated.

  • Curtains or Bespoke Roman blinds

Most of the dorm rooms have windows. These windows let students breathe some fresh air and give them the chance to view some scenery outside. However, windows may also bring disadvantages to some students. It will provide more lighting to the room that will disturb their sleep, and they can be very transparent outside. In this case, it is essential to put on some curtains or bespoke roman blinds. However, curtains may give a lot of work to students as they need to change them every month, while having some bespoke roman blinds will make everything less hassle. 

Bespoke roman blinds are easy to clean and pretty to look at with their neat folds, unlike curtains, and with these, students will be more likely to have some time to rest. Bespoke roman blinds may be expensive, but it is worth their price. Bespoke roman blinds are costly for the reason that this kind of blind is made to measure blinds. Bespoke roman blinds are made to fit every dimension of the window.  


In constructing a college dormitory, it is essential to consider the aesthetics that students want. Their stay will be more comfortable and homey, and it guarantees that the student will pass their studies. If you are interested in ordering some bespoke roman blinds made to measure blinds and furniture pieces for your room, check Yorkshire Fabric Shop. This place offers a lot of home products that you will surely like.

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