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Backyard garden lovers all above the place will concur that out of doors areas are immeasurably improved by the existence of trees. They generate a focal position for scaled-down gardens, offer composition and height to more substantial areas and give the yard a perception of maturity. From the dappled shade of a silver birch to the floral spectacle of an decorative cherry to the majestic presence of an oak tree, these gentle giants are crucial to boosting our psychological wellbeing in character and enjoyment of our garden room.

What is much more, when it will come to offering your home, did you know that a experienced backyard garden that is been lovingly looked after can add up to 20% to the assets price? 1 would be forgiven to conclude that trees in gardens need to thus be really prized but which is not always the scenario. In truth, viewpoints are divided about whether it is indeed a good idea to have a tree in your back garden. Why?

Trees as a trouble for the constructed ecosystem

Houses surrounded by large trees
Photograph by Nick Night on Unsplash

Let’s consider a search at two important issues that trees can cause.

Making damage triggered by tree roots

You could not be knowledgeable that the stunning canopy earlier mentioned is mirrored in size by the root technique beneath. “Most tree roots distribute 2-3 moments the radius of the cover, and often reach out 5 periods the radius of the tree cover or far more in dry conditions” in research of water and vitamins, according to a single specialist. This is no trouble when the tree in issue is sited considerably sufficient away from the residence but trees shut to buildings can result in possibly critical hurt.

And if the proximity to buildings is compounded by the presence of clay soil that expands and contracts with the seasons, there is a actual threat of structural movement of the foundations. Subsidence takes place when the roots take care of to penetrate and destabilise the building’s foundations. The most clear indications are big cracks in walls, misaligned doorways and home windows or sloping flooring.

Of system, many trees are not hazardous at all. Among the the ‘thirstiest’ trees are willow, poplar, elm and oak trees and it goes with no saying that these need to never ever be planted any the place in close proximity to a household. If you are in the process of acquiring a assets with one particular of these trees in the back garden, make sure you have an impartial Setting up Study or Specific Defect Report carried out. The latter is “written to the very same degree of detail as a Developing Survey but addresses unique difficulties this kind of as dampness, cracking or timber problems,” states 1 surveyor and must offer peace of intellect.

Household for pests that can enter the home

As nature fans, we all respect the significant purpose trees enjoy in acting as normal habitats for lots of animal species. Trees assist the lives of birds, smaller mammals and other wildlife organisms, staying made use of for foods, shelter and websites for reproduction, nesting, resting and hiding. But what if the wildlife that is currently being supported by the trees in your garden is undesired pests – like rodents, woodworm and bugs? Although lifeless tree stumps and rotting woods are most possible to catch the attention of pests, wholesome trees may perhaps do way too.

Termites, for instance, live in trees and feed on timber and are amid the most destructive pests in the environment, although the good thing is not in our part of the entire world. They can assault structural timbers in the property and even cause ceilings and floors to collapse.

Rats and mice are recognized to have ailments these types of as salmonella, toxoplasmosis and even plague, not anything anyone would like to have in their yard or, worse, in their home. Rats have been acknowledged to climb into open vents or windows by way of trees that are close to the household. “Mice can squeeze by gaps fewer than 2cm in diameter and rats only require somewhat extra space, so any small hole to the exterior can serve as a rodent gateway straight into your home,” warns an article from the BBC Wildlife Journal.

Trees as a satisfaction for your yard

Lovely acer tree in a back garden
Image by Andy Watkins on Unsplash

On the other hand, it does not do to get disheartened by the challenges that trees close to the home can trigger. Immediately after all, they are stunning living factors that enrich mother nature all all around us and should be regarded with wondrous awe and addressed with regard. Delivered you are informed of the likely pitfalls and choose actions to mitigate the negatives, there’s no purpose why you cannot appreciate these apparent pleasures that our big good friends can convey:

Trees present shade and shelter

A harmony of light and shade is essential for each individual great property style, no matter if within the home or in landscape gardening strategies. South and west experiencing spaces by natural means get much more solar than north and east dealing with areas. Any present trees in the yard present shade and shelter by natural means, or they can be planted into selected spots for that unique objective.

Trees supply privateness and seclusion

Tree foliage is a good organic privacy monitor, defending your residence from prying eyes and making a harmless setting for you and your household in which to come to feel no cost to live as you make sure you. A secluded residence driving trees and hedges can also be additional burglar-proof, due to the fact there’s nothing at all to see to tempt opportunist robbers. Install motion sensor lights to present an excess intruder deterrent at evening-time.

Trees are essential for the earth

Past and by no means minimum, don’t forget that we want trees in the entire world, and we should do all we can to plant more.  Trees are the lungs of the Earth, absorbing pollutants via their leaves, trapping contaminants in the air and turning carbon dioxide into oxygen. Bear in thoughts that the trees in your back garden are extra than an desirable all-natural aspect, they are component of our general ecosystem and they are desired to assistance our climate, impacting our atmosphere, drinking water units and climate designs. 

Garden surrounded by trees
Image by Matthew on Unsplash

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