What Kind of Fence Should I Purchase?

Kim J. Clark

To know what kind of fence to purchase, we need to look at the advantages and disadvantages of the different styles of fence available.

A privacy fence is a great choice to create a private setting for your home, yard or business. It decrease visibility from others, Also wind and weather. There are two types of privacy fences available Wood or PVC. Wood privacy requires maintenance such as staining and treating to increase the amount of time it last. Wood privacy fences cost about half the price as your PVC or Plastic Fence.

A PVC Privacy fence cost about twice as much but the cost is often off set by the money and time it takes to maintain a wood fence.

Aluminum fence systems are combination of durability, Low maintenance and a clean appearance.They are a perfect choice to add style and a professional look to your home, patio or business.Ornamental Aluminum Fences are great for safety and style around pools and meet pool fence codes.

Chain Link fences are probably the most cost friendly and strongest style of fencing. They are a great choice for security, pets, defining your property They also come in different colors or with decorative privacy slats to add style and a unique look.

A Picket fence is a great choice for pet containment, safety, style and beauty, without sacrificing visibility. Picket fences come in wood and vinyl / PVC, there are many styles available. You get all the benefits of wood or vinyl / PVC in a shorter more manageable fence.

Steel fencing has a professional look of aluminum and the strength of steel. They are great for looks, security and strength. They do tend to not last as long as aluminum fences. Steel will rust over time Aluminum will not.

As you consider your different options on what kind of fence to purchase. The most important thing to remember is to choose a * fence that appeals to you. A well built fence can last 20 years or more, so the choice you make will be one you will have to live with.

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