When Should You Get a Dock Inspection?


Home inspectors typically conduct dock inspections and involve a limited and non-invasive assessment of the dock’s condition. These inspections primarily examine the dock’s structural integrity and safety features.

Inspectors generally perform dock inspections from the ground rather than from the water. They carefully inspect the dock’s components and conditions, such as its decking, support structures, fasteners, and overall stability.


The reporting process and style for dock inspections are similar to those used in home inspections. Home inspectors note any damage, defects, or areas of concern related to the dock, and they provide recommendations for repairs or improvements. Additionally, home inspectors include photographs of the dock in their inspection reports to provide visual documentation.

When Should You Get a Dock Inspection?

It is highly recommended to conduct a dock inspection during any real estate transaction involving property with a dock. By doing so, you can gain a thorough understanding of the dock’s condition before making a purchase. Many home inspectors offer combined dock and home inspection packages, often at lower fees, ensuring you receive a fair assessment of both the dock and the property.

If you already own a dock, scheduling annual inspections to identify any damage or maintenance needs is essential. Proper maintenance is particularly crucial for docks in Florida, where heavy rain, winds, and waves can pose risks. Neglected or damaged docks have the potential to cause harm to your home and seawalls, so regular inspections are necessary to prevent further damage.

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