You can fake having an expensive home with any of these clever things

Kim J. Clark

You may feel like an expensive-looking home is only possible if you have a big budget, but it’s actually pretty easy to fake it. Just browse Amazon and you’ll see tons of ways to add to your decor or improve your organization. Plus, they’re all super affordable, so you won’t actually need much of a budget at all.

A house isn’t a home without its trinkets, and you can display your favorites — souvenirs, figurines, photos — on this geometric floating shelf. You can also create more surface area for your stuff with some side tables, like this lightweight end table that fits next to your couch or bed. Or maybe you want to add some high-end tools to your kitchen, like this gooseneck kettle that has a thermometer so you can heat water to a specific temperature.

Whether you want to make upgrades big or small, in this list you’ll find plenty of affordable ways to upgrade your home. And the best part is that you won’t have to sacrifice your expensive-looking taste.

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This charging station that can hold all your devices

Usually the spot in the house with all the charging cords is a bit of a mess. This charging station has six included cords to fit everyone’s phones, tablets, and other devices in a tidy row. It also has plastic dividers in between each section so your devices can sit upright instead of falling onto each other.


A nonslip pad that keeps your rug from sliding all over the place

If your rug is moving out of place all the time, it can make a room look and feel messy. This nonslip rug pad grips onto both the floor and the rug to keep it from sliding around. It won’t harm your floors or leave any residue. It can also be cut to fit the exact size of your rug.


These risers that make your furniture taller

Give your bed a little extra height with these furniture risers that can add up to to two inches. The risers can fit on the bottom of any furniture legs and can hold up to 10,000 pounds. They’re adjustable as well as stackable, so you can add even more height if needed (great for making usable storage space under the bed). They also protect your floor from getting scratched.


A festive door mat that keeps you from tracking dirt into the house

If you want to keep your home tidy, you’ll want a sturdy door mat that can handle the dirtiest of shoes. This door mat is made from coir, a coconut fiber that is sturdy enough to scrape the muck off the bottom of your boots. It also has a nonslip base so it won’t move around. It comes in 12 patterns and designs.


A striking geometric shelf for displaying your trinkets

Not all home decor can easily be hung on the wall, like your favorite trinkets or souvenirs. This geometric floating shelf adds a unique decorative touch to any room, plus it can display art, photos, plants, and other items. It has three shelves set in a diamond shape which gives it a modern look.


This gooseneck kettle that lets you boil water to a specific temperature

If you’re serious about brewing your coffee and tea, then you know that sometimes your drink is best if the water is boiled to a specific temperature. This gooseneck kettle has a thermometer on top so you can pinpoint the heat. Plus it has a sleek design with a narrow neck that makes it easy to pour.


This lush fleece blanket you can drape over the couch

No couch is complete without a good throw blanket. Even in the summer, there are nights when you just want to cozy up. This sherpa blanket is made from a thick and luxurious fleece on one side and a soft sherpa fleece on the other. It also comes in 20 colors, so you can pick one to perfectly complement your decor.


This jar opener that makes it easy to twist off caps

We’ve all struggled to open a jar of pickles or tomato sauce at some point. This jar opener attaches to underneath the cabinet so you can open food quickly and easily instead of struggling (or needing to ask a friend). Use it to open everything from wide-mouth jars to a bottled drink.


A waterproof speaker you can take anywhere

Whether you want to listen to music around the house or while camping in the woods, this durable Bluetooth speaker can handle it. The speaker is waterproof, so it’s great for using outdoors or at a pool party where it might get wet. It has a rechargeable battery which offers 20 hours of continuous play time.


A luxurious shower head that makes your bathroom feel like a hotel

It always feels like hotels have the best showers, but you can bring some of that home with you with this high pressure shower head. The head has a wide circumference for a rainfall effect, while still conserving the amount of water used. It’s a gold color, which makes it feel even more luxurious, but also comes in six other shades.


These sleek salt & pepper shakers with adjustable holes

Sometimes your food is under-seasoned and needs a bunch of salt, while other times you just want a little sprinkle. These salt and pepper shakers have three different hole sizes so you can adjust how much comes out. It also has a transparent section on the bottom so you’ll know when you’re running low.


This tissue box cover that looks like marble

Tissue boxes are one of those items that is necessary to have in the home, but can mess with your decor. This tissue box cover fits over a square box and is finished to look like marble. It also comes in rose gold and soft brass colors. It has a large opening on the bottom so it’s easy to switch out to new tissues.


These artificial plants that add a carefree pop of color

Keeping a plant alive is no easy task and not everyone has a green thumb. But that doesn’t mean you should be deprived of greenery around your home. These artificial potted plants are perfect for putting around your living room or even bathroom. Plus you can use them to liven up areas that don’t get natural light since they don’t rely on it.


A little modern side table for next to your couch or bed

Every room needs a little table you can use to sit down your phone, drink, or just to house a plant on. This rounded side table is lightweight and the perfect size for sidling right next to the bed or couch. It comes in six colors and has a midcentury modern design.


These glass jars for storing your bathroom sundries

Your toiletry supplies and accessories don’t have to be a mess on the countertop. This set of three apothecary jars are made for holding cotton balls, cotton swabs, and other small items. They have an airtight seal so they can even be used in your pantry to store snacks or dried goods.


These sleek cabinet pulls that give your kitchen a new look

It’s easy to give your kitchen a quick update with these cabinet pulls. All you need to install them are the screws they come with and a screwdriver. They have a modern, rectangular design and come in five different shades of metal. They come in a pack of 10 so you can do the whole kitchen.


A grout pen that makes your bathroom tiles look new

The tiles in my bathroom are from the 1930s and by the looks of it, so is the grout. If you’re like me, then you can use this grout pen to quickly spruce up the look of your bathroom. The pen has an angled tip that can paint right over the dirty grout, giving it a fresh, new look. The marker covers up to 150 square feet of tile.


This LED night-light with a vintage feel

It can be hazardous and even creepy to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night in complete darkness. This night-light automatically turns on when it’s dark, so you don’t have to fumble for the brights. It has a rustic, vintage look, so it won’t be an eyesore in your bathroom either.


A unique ceiling light made from textured glass

Adding a new light fixture is a simple way to subtly update a room. This semi-flush ceiling light has a seeded glass cover that adds some texture and a modern look to your lighting scheme. It also comes with an 800 lumen Edison bulb which adds to the farmhouse look of the fixture.


A set of luxurious-yet-affordable candles that burn for 55 hours

If you’re going to invest in a candle, you don’t want one that will burn quickly. These pillar candles are made to last, with a burn time of 55 hours each. They’re perfect for adding mood lighting to your home and can be set on a pedestal or mantle. They also come in 13 vibrant colors.


A dimmer switch you can control with voice commands

This dimmer switch allows you to gradually adjust your lighting, so you can choose how dark or bright you want things to be. But it’s also a smart switch that can connect to your Amazon Alexa device, so you can turn it on or adjust the brightness using voice commands alone.


These detergent drip trays that keep your laundry room cleaner

Those big jugs of laundry detergent are handy when you have lots of loads to run, but residual drips can cause a mess on the floor. This detergent drip catcher attaches to the bottle and sits underneath the spout. You can rest the detergent measuring cup on top of it and then it will catch any extra soap that misses.


A handy shelf that also holds your ironing board

There never seems to be a good place to store an ironing board when it’s not in use. This wall mounted ironing board hanger has two hooks that can hold the bar or legs of a board. It also has a shelf that can hold laundry accessories like an iron, spray bottle, or detergent.


A set of circular mirrors that makes the room feel bigger

Adding mirrors is an easy way to make a room feel more spacious than it actually is. These circular mirrors also add a unique decorative element to the wall, with a set of seven that can be arranged how you please. The mirrors are three different sizes and comes with strong double-sided hanging tape for mounting.


This rack that keeps your pots & lids efficiently organized

Pots, pans, and baking sheets are notoriously difficult to store in a cabinet, especially when you factor in the lids. This organizer rack fits in your cabinet and has slots that hold pans and their lids upright. It can hold up to 10 items, and the rack is adjustable for storing larger pieces.


A video doorbell you can check from your phone

If you want to check who’s at the front door before you even answer it, this video doorbell will come in handy. There’s a camera attached, which connects to an app on your phone, so you can see who’s ringing the doorbell or check on activity outside your house while you’re away. The doorbell can also send alerts when movement is detected.


This paint that turns any surface into a chalkboard

Turn a wall or piece of furniture into a surface you can write on with this chalkboard paint. It creates a slate-like finish that you can write on with chalk and erase. Paint a wall and use it for grocery lists or to keep track of chores. Use it on a tabletop for a fun place to draw and doodle.


This fluffy rug that makes your room feel cozy

A room just feels cozier if it has a soft, plush rug in it. This shag rug is made from a faux sheepskin material that will make you want to curl up and take a nap on the floor. It has a nonslip surface on the bottom so it won’t move around easily. It’s also machine washable (on gentle).


This easy adhesive wallpaper that transforms a room

Changing up the color of your walls is a superb way to transform a room — but isn’t always easy. This adhesive wallpaper makes it so you don’t have to break out the paint rollers. Use it to cover up walls, or to transform your kitchen cabinets. It comes in 32 solid colors, from neutrals to jewel tones.


A modern art-style bowl to store & display your fruit

This stainless steel bowl is so unique, you could put it on display with nothing in it and it would still look cool. Or, use it to elegantly hold fruit on your counter. It can also be folded up for easy storage. It also makes a grand decorative centerpiece in your dining room.


A pair of lightweight hand towels that dries quickly

No one wants to dry their hands on a damp towel. These Turkish hand towels are made from lightweight cotton and are designed to dry fast. This way, you’re not wiping your hands on a towel that’s still wet from the last time you or someone else washed hands. They have a tassel detail on the ends and come in 14 colors.


These hanging planters that make for a unique way to display flowers

Step up your floral arrangements with these hanging glass planters. They hold a small amount of water and can fit one or two plant stems. They come in a set of three and include adhesive hooks you can stick to the wall for hanging. They can also be hung on a porch or patio.


A plush mat that turns your bay window into a cozy lounge

Bay windows are the perfect place to lounge while reading a book or gazing out the window. Make things comfier with this plush window mat designed to fit in the cozy space. It’s made from a thick, quilted fabric that has nonslip pads on one side to prevent it from slipping and sliding while you’re relaxing.


These smart lightbulbs that can change to millions of colors

Get the ultimate mood lighting setup with these smart lightbulbs that have adjustable colors. The smart lightbulbs connect to an app on your phone that lets you choose from a spectrum of 16 million colors, so you can go for warm yellow light or a fun neon pink. You can also adjust the brightness and set a timer for the bulbs.


A chic runner that complements your dining table

If you want some coverage on your dining table but don’t want a full tablecloth, this table runner is the ideal solution. It has an embroidered design and tassel edges for an elevated farmhouse look. Use it to complement centerpieces on your table like a bouquet of flowers or some candlesticks.


These wall hangings that add some rustic decor

Add some rustic vibes to your homescape with this set of wooden wall sconces. The pieces come with a reclaimed wood backing, which hold Mason jars filled with LED lights and artificial flowers. When it’s all put together, the lights give off a warm and homey look. Plus they’re easy to assemble and come with a remote to adjust the lights.


This lamp that makes it easy to charge your devices

Outlets are often in inconvenient places, which makes this charging lamp with built-in USB ports so convenient. Just plug your phone or earbud charger into the port in the lamp so you can charge your devices right next to your bed. It has three outlets and also has three different brightness levels for lighting.


A motion sensor trash can that opens automatically

Trash cans are full of germs, so ideally you won’t have to touch them. This motion sensor trash can makes that possible by automatically opening before you even touch it. It automatically closes after five seconds and operates on AA batteries. The trash can is also waterproof.


These nice cloth napkins you can wash and reuse

Reusable napkins are a great way to level up your dining room while cutting down on waste from paper products. These cotton blend napkins come in a pack of 12 and can be easily thrown in the washing machine when used. Plus, they make your table settings look that much more elegant. They come in 17 colors.


This set of uncommon bookends with a geometric design

Bookends are the ideal way to make sure your books don’t fall over into a heap. These unique decorative bookends have a geometric design that not only holds your books, but adds a touch of modern decor to your home. They have a padded, nonslip base so they won’t move around, no matter how heavy your books are.

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