10 Questions to Ask Tree Removal Service in St. Louis


It’s not as simple as calling up your local tree removal service and asking them to chop down any trees you’d like removed from your property. There are some important questions you should ask before you have the trees removed, so you know exactly what you’re getting into and how much it will cost. Here are ten questions you should ask any tree removal in St. Louis company before they remove any trees on your property, in order to make sure your needs are met and that everything goes according to plan

What is the tree removal process?

It’s important to understand what the tree removal St. Louis process entails before you contact a company, so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your request. Do you need the entire tree removed? Is trimming an option? Ask questions like this to ensure you know exactly what you’re committing to.

How long will it take to remove the tree?

Knowing how long it will take allows you to properly plan for the project and make necessary arrangements. If a storm is coming, for example, the tree may need to be removed as soon as possible so that any damage it might cause is minimal or nonexistent.  The length of time also depends on how difficult the tree is to remove. Is there a lot of ground work involved? Or are they just going up and cutting down the tree? How many people do they need on-site at one time? These are all factors that can affect the timeframe of the project.

How much will it cost to remove the tree?

Removing a tree can range between $200 and $2,000. It’ll vary depending on the type, size, and location of the tree. Knowing how much they’ll charge upfront will save you from an unexpected bill later on . So make sure to ask! 

What are the benefits of removing the tree?

A lot of people who have a tree on their property don’t know when they should get it removed. If you have a tree that is diseased or dying, has fallen over and is a danger to your home or car, or is just plain old and no longer doing the job you wanted it to do, then it’s time to call for professional help with the removal process. Removing a tree reduces the risk of damage or injuries from occurring on your property.

What are the risks of removing the tree?

Removing trees is not a DIY type of job. There are risks associated with it because the tree might die or may come down and fall on something else like your house or car. They will know what the risks are and will advise you accordingly so you can decide if you want them to remove it for you.

What are the alternatives to removing the tree?

One option for dealing with trees is to have them cut down and removed. However, if the tree is on your property, it’s best to contact a professional and get an estimate of the cost before taking any action. There are also other ways that you can keep the tree while still getting rid of the problem. For example, you might be able to treat a disease or just remove the branches you’re concerned about.

What are the consequences of not removing the tree?

If you don’t remove the tree, it could fall on your house or other property and result in property damage or personal injury. Plus, without removing the tree, water may build up around the roots and cause rot or termite infestation. Tree removal will reduce any potential risks it may poses to your property.

How will the tree be disposed of?

Every tree removal service should have an idea of what they will do with the tree once it has been cut down and removed from the property. Whether this is grinding the tree up and recycling it, mulching it for use as a compost material, or bringing the tree to a sawmill for use as lumber, every company should have a plan for what will happen next and ensure you have a clear idea of what happens. The last thing you’d want is to be left with a dead tree on the ground because disposal wasn’t included in the quote.

What are the hazards associated with tree removal?

Removing a tree can be a dangerous process, especially if it has been planted for a long time or has grown large. That’s why it’s important to work with professionals that have the experience and tools needed to do the job safely and efficiently. Tree removal is a serious project. If not done correctly it could easily create further damage to you property, or worse, injure someone.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Knowing the equipment being used can give you an idea of exactly how big of a project this will be. Will it be just a simple chainsaw or will they use a crane?  Do they offer services other than tree removal? Do they offer chipping, stump grinding, or power washing? These are all important questions to ask before making any commitments with a tree removal in St. Louis company.

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