Basement Remodeling – Ideas To Make It Your Family Fun Center

Kim J. Clark

Basement remodeling means turning that cold, empty space into something you can use and enjoy. It’s like having a new addition added to your house. What you’ve got now is a dark concrete-walled room full of exposed pipes and funny smells; what you end up with is a new space to relax in.

Carpet It And Turn It Into A Family Room

Probably the best basement remodeling idea is to turn that dark, creepy space into a warm and inviting family room. The first stop is to cover it with carpeting. Carpeting turns basements into real rooms. You can lounge on the floor comfortably and watch movies, and it’s great for kids who like to have sleep overs.

The only problem with carpeting is that it can get moldy and musty. Basements are known for having this problem. Depending on where you live, it might not be a problem, but there are also alternatives to traditional carpeting. If you live in a humid, mold-prone area, fiberboard will give it that family-room feel. You can also go with carpet tiles. These are usually 3 by 3 feet, and can be sized to fit. They resist water much better than regular carpet.

Make It Your Restaurant And Bar

Lots of folks like to turn that part of the house into their lounge, installing a bar along one side of the room. This makes it great for get-togethers and turns it into a space where you can really relax. Even better, some folks go ahead and install a full kitchen in their basements. Another option is to have a “summer kitchen” – one with a sink and fridge, but no gas. It’s much easier to install and you can just do the cooking upstairs.

When it comes to putting in a bar, you’ve got the same thing to think about. Is this going to be your personal spot for unwinding after a long day’s work, or is it going to be the neighborhood’s entertainment center with parties and all night poker sessions? The scale of the bar is going to make all the difference, from surface size to seating arrangements.

Open Your Own Home Theater

One of the most popular ideas in the world of basement remodeling is the home theater. With all the new technology in home electronics, this creates a place where you can enjoy your favorite movies, video games, TV shows and music, and get away from it all. It’s also one of the easiest renovation ideas.

The only problem is that most folks spend lots of time picking out their TV’s, cabinets and speakers, and not spending enough time focusing on the furniture. This is a huge mistake because the sofa where you’re going to be enjoying all this high tech entertainment is really going to make the biggest difference in your viewing experience. Give your overall basement remodeling a good thinking over before you head to the electronics shop for your gear.

A great way to get basement remodeling ideas is to share your thoughts with a renovation professional. Give them an idea of how you want to enjoy this special room, and let them use their expertise to take those ideas to the next level.

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