Eliminate Bad Odors with Odour Control System

Kim J. Clark

Bad odors in any situation are unpleasant, however in commercial settings or in our own business they can be fatal, destroying customer loyalty, employee morale, and company reputation. In this article we explain what can cause them and how to eliminate them from your business and get rid of the problem.

What Smells Can Affect Your Business?

Some of the most common stenches that can be found in commercial and industrial buildings or premises are related to air conditioning and heating systems, natural gas, plumbing and drains, building insulation, chemicals and many other sources. In the same way, on other occasions carpets or antique furniture can be the cause of the bad smell, or it can also be related to toilets, pipes, the sewer system, food in bad condition or with other types of agents that produce bacteria

Finding the source of unpleasant fumes is easy if the source is obvious, however most of the time the source is unknown and therefore a professional such as high quality commercial odour control systems “puraair.com.au” is needed to locate the odor and remove it.

Another factor to take into account is that odors are affected by environmental factors; for example, higher temperatures almost always lead to intensification of the stench, and the speed or direction of the wind can carry odors greater distances or in different directions. As cities grow and expand, this becomes a growing problem, and facilities that used to be isolated face the challenge of operating with neighbors ever closer, making odor removal become more and more important.

Procedure For The Elimination Of Unpleasant Odors In Your Business

Odors are invisible molecules that are in the air and for this reason; it is sometimes difficult to get rid of them. The key to eliminating them is finding the source of the problem. Only then can it be treated properly, quickly and professionally.

The odor removal procedure has to focus on evaluating the affected area, identifying the problem and solving it. Also, although odor problems can be prevalent in any part of a building or industrial complex, there are certain places that tend to have more odor problems than others, such as bathrooms and break rooms. For this, not only a special cleaning is enough, but the use of an appropriate technology is required to deodorize the affected area and purify the air. Once the source of the smelly culprits is addressed, it is necessary to proceed with the installation of foggers and automatic air care and odor neutralization systems to maintain a healthy and hygienic business environment that benefits both employees and customers.

So what can a business owner do about the many unwanted odors that can arise in a business establishment? Today, there are solutions that even allow the control of bad odors outdoors. But instead of just covering up odors, they remove the molecules that cause them from the air, leaving a fresh scent in the process.

Fogging And Dosing Systems

Misting and dosing systems use specialized blends of essential oils, surfactants, and organic compounds to promote odor absorption and breakdown, turning molecules into non-volatile compounds. They not only manage to neutralize odors, but also allow the environmental diffusion of a fragrance that provides a fresh, clean and pleasant aroma. For example, soft floral fragrances or fruity citrus scents create a relaxing atmosphere.

At Ambiseint we are specialists in commercial odour control system and we have the latest technology, based on biological engineering, for the elimination of bad odors in large spaces and outdoors. Contact our advisors and enjoy the advantages of a business with a fresh aroma.

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