Garden Offices Are The New Place To Work

Kim J. Clark

The United Kingdom has an increasing workforce of self-employed people, many of whom work at home. In addition workers in regular employment often have the ability to work at home. Garden offices in the UK are the new places to work.

Those who have tried to work at home now realize that there is a need to keep some distance between home and work, both mentally and physically. Even though the daily commute may only be a one-minute stroll to the bottom of the garden, there is still the notion that you are ‘at work’ and not just working at home. Similarly when you leave the office, you can lock the door and everything will be just as you left it when you return. For those well-disciplined garden commuters there will be no sneaking back to the office at night, home is home and work is work.

Setting up a garden office should not be a daunting task, running cables from the home for mains electricity, telephone and network connections can be done by any reasonably competent technician. More advanced structures can include a small bathroom or even a kitchen. With the focus on setting up your office for its singular use means that a very functional and pleasant working environment can be created.

Security is of course an issue, but the purpose built garden offices are sturdily built with proper secure doors and locks. Most insurance companies will happily include them on a domestic insurance policy. Some manufacturers make extra high-security versions. There are, of course, extra precautions you can take, such as not leaving a laptop in the office at the end of each day.

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