Ground Cover Plants

Kim J. Clark

The goal of this article is to give you a brief introduction to what ground cover plants are and where they are found. In order to make the correct purchasing decision I feel it is necessary for you to have all the relevant information in one web location.

What are they?

Ground cover plants are multipurpose perennial plants, also known as shrubs that have two purposes. Their main function is to fill the gaps where grass can’t grow. This may be due to a rocky landscape, poor or unsuitable growing conditions due to the lack of water and light availability.

There are a wide variety of ground cover plants that can grow to great heights and have beautiful colours making them an attractive addition to all garden types. In other words their “hard core” purpose of filling the gaps should not overshadow their other qualities which can make them a beautiful addition to any home garden.

Types of ground cover plants:

Creeping Juniper

Is ideal for a well-drained rocky hill. It can grow up to 12 – 18 inches tall and spreads about 12 to 20 feet. In cold weather the Creeping Juniper changes to a purplish colour making it an attractive addition to your garden.

Ajuga Reptans

Has dark leaves with purple highlights. The leaves can grow 2 – 3 inches high and in the months of spring they can grow twice that amount with many beautiful purple flowers.

Galium Odoratun

Galium Odoratun grows best in a light shady spot and can reach up to 12 – 20 inches high and the leaves grow 2 – 5 cm long and borne in whorls of 6 -9.

Vinca Minor

Also known as Lesser periwinkle grows best in medium to dark shade. The flowers are produced mainly in spring to mid summer and are a pale purple in colour.

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