Home Improvement Tips For Aspiring DIYers


The festive season is here, and Christmas is around the corner. Celebrators have already pulled out their Christmas baubles and other decorations to get into the spirit. However, it can be expensive to spice up your home, not just for the festive season. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your home without burning your wallet. Furthermore, if you need inspiration, Rinkit has a beautiful selection of houseware, kitchenware, and other necessities for you to browse. 

Tips for home improvement

There are many ways you can improve your home, for example, by painting your walls, getting rid of items you no longer use, and refurbishing old furniture. Of course, many of these things you’d hire a professional to do; however, going the DIY route will save you a lot of money, and you can make sure the improvements fit your style. 

Paint marble counters 

Buying a block of quartz that needs to be sized, cut, and installed in your kitchen can be expensive; however, you can paint over your kitchen counters to create a marble effect. You can find most of the necessary items for this project in your local hardware store. 

Peel and stick wallpaper

If you’re bored with your plain walls but don’t want to paint them, you can buy some wallpaper to stick on the walls. The benefit is you can peel it off when you move homes or want a different look for the room. This tip is also ideal if you’re renting your home and aren’t permitted to renovate it. 

Garden improvement

Gardens are a great way to make your home feel alive and vibrant. Buy some of your favourite flowers, bushes, and various plants and use them to decorate the exterior of your home. Furthermore, a plant or 2 adds a nice touch to every room. If you have cats, avoid daffodils, lilies, and hydrangeas since these are toxic to your feline friends. Furthermore, research what plants may be dangerous to your pets. 

Organise storage areas

The pantry, laundry room, and other areas quickly get disorganised and cluttered. Buy some baskets and labels to organise the spices and other foods in your pantry. To improve your laundry room, pour detergents, softeners, et cetera into glass jars to give your laundry room a more aesthetic look. 

Frame your mirrors

If your bathroom is too plain for your liking, framing your mirror will be an instant improvement. Furthermore, you can paint the frame of your mirror to fit the colour scheme of your bathroom cabinets. 

Paint your ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can be quite an eye sore, but you can paint them to enhance the room. There’s no need to throw away a working ceiling fan when you can just paint it to fit your style. Furthermore, replace the bulb covers to improve the look even more. In addition, you can switch the bulb covers for your lights throughout your home. 

Be your own professional

Overall, home improvement isn’t just up to the professionals. The small things can improve your home, and you can take the DIY route with it. So remember to make your house feel more like home, and there’s no need to burn a hole in your wallet to turn your house into the home of your dreams. 

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