How Staging Your Home Makes it Easier to Show

Why You Should Stage Your Home Even When the Market Is HOT

When sellers get ready to sell their homes, there is a possibility that a lot of personal items or belongings are either in storage or in transit to a new location. Why should the seller make sure they stage the home? Wouldn’t it be easier to show an empty house? That way, potential buyers can envision the space with their furniture and decoration. A vacant house doesn’t make it feel like a home – staging will show the home’s potential.

Staged vs. Empty

While an empty home certainly shows off the bones of a house and some of its potential, the fact remains that a well-staged home allows potential buyers to see the house and imagine themselves in it. They can imagine themselves sitting on a beautiful couch before a fire. They can see themselves using the appliances in the kitchen to create a delicious meal for their family. Without a sofa, without kitchen appliances, potential buyers lose that fantasy. A staged home sells the dream.

Stage the Potential

It’s essential to focus on the potential of the home. Buyers want to see the possibility of a home they’re looking at, and a staged house provides that. A staged home does not resemble the seller’s style or lifestyle. Regardless of how beautifully staged the house is, the buyer will have their furniture and furnish the home they purchase differently than the staged furniture. It can be difficult for a seller to see that beyond how they lived in the house, which is why asking the advice of their real estate agent or a professional real estate stager can be so beneficial.

Staged Homes Adds Value

A staged home will highlight the positive features of the house and will mitigate the less-than-positive features. A professional real estate stager, or even a real estate agent, will be able to identify areas that are best to highlight. After pinpointing those rooms or features, the next step is to find the pieces of furniture, decor or art that can highlight those features. It may take a coat of paint or some rented furniture. 

Good Online Images will Bring in-Person Viewings

A staged home is for more than just in-person viewings. Those viewings come from potential buyers who have seen the pictures online. If the images shown online aren’t good quality or have poorly staged rooms, then interest won’t translate to in-person. Most, if not all, prospective buyers will start their search online and will let the photos decide whether to view or not view a home. Gone are the days when people meandered around neighbourhoods trying to find open houses.

A Staged Home Shows Buyers What They Want

A real estate agent’s advice to their clients as buyers will be to create a list of what they want to see and then look for that in the homes they view. A staged home will make it easier for sellers to show buyers what they want. Typically, buyers want the same thing, albeit in different varieties. All buyers will want a room to relax, a space for quality family time, and a room like a kitchen to entertain guests. Once sellers know what buyers are looking for, they can stage their homes to show that the selling property can provide that.

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