Owner of roofing company facing charges for home improvement fraud

Kim J. Clark

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – It’s a company that says they will “Solve your Roofing Problems.”

But Sgt. Michael Warren with the Fraud Unit at MNPD says that’s not what the’s hearing from consumers in Middle Tennessee.

”It was surprising cause I’ve heard of this vendor, well before we received the case. Seen commercials on it. And that would’ve been somebody I would’ve probably called too cause it appears to be a reputable vendor. And’s just really concerning that people are being deceived like that,” Sgt. Warren said.

In September 2020, James Kenton, who police say, is the owner of Tennessee MetalRoofing, was charged with Home Improvement Fraud after a man living in Antioch made a complaint.

”The complaint came in that the gentleman needed a roof done on private property. They went out and gave him a quote and after giving him a quote they came back and after giving him the quote they came back with much more than what their original estimate was,” St. Warren said.

”What we see a lot is – these border on civil and criminal, and not all home improvement issues are a crime. But we do have statutes to protect homeowners. And so, in this case. It does meet the criminal statute because he was given the amount of time and he was totally refused a refund of his down payment.”

Sgt. Warren also tells News4 that Kenton is no stranger to these allegations.

”During that research, we did come across information that other incidents had occurred in other states up the East Coast,” Warren said.

News4 reached out to Kenton’s attorney Joe Calvert.

”I don’t know how the MNPD could possibly know who the owner of an incorporated business is,” Calvert said. Calvert argued that the family listed by police had the option to cancel the job and they failed to exercise it. He also says that he’s still waiting on documentation and proof from police that shows Mr. Kenton is the owner of the specific metal roofing company.

”Show me the proof. OK, I think they’re backpedaling,” Calvert said.

Calvert also provided the following statement and documentation:

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