Security Safes for the Home

Kim J. Clark
The 4 Best Home Safes of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Over the last few years, the availability and selection of different home safes has grown massively. Naturally you might think that safes are too big and old fashioned to fit in the home. But suppliers now cater for all requirements from their customer base.

Modern Safes incorporated into Design and Furniture

The popularity of interior design projects has never slowed down and has currently never been so popular.

We have many interior design businesses that purchases safes from us, these safes will then be included into furniture, wardrobes or cabinets within the design and build process.

Things to Considers

  • Measurements – One of the first recommendations is to calculate and workout the area that the safe is going to be placed in. This is so that you have enough room to fit the safe in height, width and depth. Please also take into consideration the size of the handles, locks and hinges. (This will be detailed on the safe specification.)
  • Weight – If you are going to place a safe within a cupboard or wardrobe then checking the weight of safe before purchase is important. This is so that you can ensure the area will withstand the weight of safe and not compromise the structure.
  • What is being stored inside – This is one of the main requirements that you need to look at. Will it be cash, valuables or jewellery being stored inside? If so, is there a certain value that they are required to be protected up against for insurance purposes?

Will a safe fit in the design of my home?

The modern expansion of safe designs has grown over the last few years. Brands and suppliers have included more appealing colours and interior fittings so that they don’t look out of place in a finished home.

Depending on your requirements, luxury interior fittings such as watch winders, felt drawers and glass shelves can be chosen to your specification.

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