Things to Consider When Selling in the Winter

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In winter, most things become dormant: the bears hibernate, some plants use the snow to insulate against the cold, and even people tuck themselves into cozy sweaters and sit in front of the fire. That doesn’t mean the Blue Mountains real estate market is dormant, however. People do move households throughout the year. A homeowner can sell their house in the winter; there are just a few things to consider.

Motivated to Sell, Motivated to Buy

Because more people generally stay in during the winter, it can be easy to presume that if potential buyers are viewing a home during the winter, those buyers are more motivated. Of course, the more motivated the buyer, the more likely a home will sell. There might be less discourse or hesitation because the buyers have already set a goal. Those buyers may negotiate a bit more because they also know there are fewer potential buyers (compared to spring and summer months), but the seller can still negotiate in turn.

Light it Up

The days are shorter in the winter, so scheduling viewings where potential buyers can see the house in all-natural lighting is a little more complicated. Try to get the most natural lighting, but if it needs supplementing with artificial light, consider what kind of light to use. A full-spectrum bulb is the closest in color to natural sunlight and comes in incandescent, fluorescent, and LED options.

Keep Things Warm

The last thing a potential buyer wants to do is feel as cold inside as they do outside. Keeping a home warm is an excellent way for sellers to show off the furnace and fireplace if they have one. There is a fine line between keeping it warm and creating too hot an environment. Remember to make sure windows and doors have sufficient seals. Winter drafts will be very obvious to potential buyers, no matter how warm the house is.

Frightful Outside, Delightful Inside

What is the aesthetic that will most engage potential buyers during winter? Winter is a time for people to be cozy, to do their kind of hibernation, so sellers should employ that vibe. That includes having a soft blanket along the back of a couch or a chair, having a book or two on a coffee table or an end table, and a few winter decorations. Buyers will also want to see how they can be cozy while the snow falls outside.

Snow Removal

It can be a little more challenging to create curb appeal in the winter, but a few things are an absolute must regardless of the property. Potential buyers and real estate professionals must feel safe and secure walking up to the property, so constant snow removal is essential. Sellers should also keep ice melt handy during times of thaw and freeze. Small yard lights could also be lining the pathway for those viewing the home in the late afternoon and early evening when the sun has already set. Keeping the property lit will provide extra safety and create a welcoming ambiance before they have even stepped through the door.

Buyers Will Buy; Sellers will Move.

Once the house sells, the seller must move if they haven’t already. Moving to another home in the wintertime can be done, but it might hold more challenges. Most moving companies will have far more availability than during the summer months, and they might be more budget-friendly due to a slower schedule. Life and plans don’t have to stop because it’s winter. When sellers are ready to list, there are real estate professionals who can help in spring, summer, fall, or winter.

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