Beauty And Safety Come Together In Fire Doors

Kim J. Clark

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Often when the topic of fire doors is mentioned, what comes to mind is an extremely functional door but one that is rather bland compared to other door types that offer more protection. However, many of these solid doors today can offer both beauty and safety from one great door. There is no longer any reason to settle for an outdated and unsightly door in order to have fire protection. The fire resistant doors of today are not only compliant with fire door regulations, but also aesthetically pleasing, so you can meet both the need for fire resistance and the desire to have a nice looking door. 

Whether it is for an interior door, such as a front or back door, or for an exterior door as a vestibule or corridor, or for a door between vestibules within a home or establishment, we have resistant doors. At the fire door regulations uk, we have best fire door products on the market place and all are tested and are up to the highest standards. This type of door is ideal for use in the majority of applications requiring fire protection. Domestic dwellings as well as flats and apartments have shared entrances between the garage and the house.

To prevent fires and smoke from spreading to escape routes, fire doors should be located. Open outward so people can escape easily from buildings located on escape routes. It is legal for fire doors inside buildings to open in either direction if necessary, for instance; those installed in long corridors may do the same. In an emergency, exterior doors used for escape can be locked, but the regulations stipulate they must be easily accessible to anyone.

Several methods can be employed to make this happen. The fire door can be easily opened with a push bar fitted inside the building, which allows anyone to escape and escape quickly. A fire alarm can be linked to an electronic system that unlocks doors when triggered, or you can keep a key in a glass box next to the door.

Styles with wood grain finishes are aesthetically pleasing and durable. The doors can be opened inwards or outwards thanks to multipoint locking mechanisms. Glass fire doors that function to keep you and your family safe from the flames must have an effective fire sealing system. In many fire doors with glass housings, the glazing cassette provides an additional layer of protection so extreme heat conditions don’t compromise the glass. Having fire doors that are both safe and attractive can provide both peace of mind and an attractive appearance. 

In homes with a door connecting the garage to the house, regulations require certain types of doors to be approved. Having these doors between sleeping quarters and the kitchen is also considered a good practice in many cases, as well as between adjoining households. Secure fire-resistant doors are considered high-performing and virtually maintenance-free. They are known to resist twisting, bowing and warping. The doors are safe and beautiful, regardless of whether they are self-installed with simple instructions or professionally installed. 

Glass fire doors  can protect your family and your home from damage spreading during a fire if they are made from the most advanced composite door designs.

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